Blogging is one of my favourite things to do. If you were to name off any blogging site, I would probably have it. Off the top of my head I have TumblrWordPress, FormspringFacebook, Twitter and now Edublogs. I know Facebook and Twitter aren’t really ‘blogging’ websites but you can upload pictures, so i’ll count it. Although I can’t give you the URL’s for my blogging sites, I will tell you about them. My Tumblr blog is about One Direction. It also has a little bit of ‘Larry Stylinson’ in it. Larry Stylinson is a bromance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. My WordPress blog is about me. On that blog, I just like to say what happened throughout my day. I write about a variety of things! How my soccer game turned out, what I did over the weekend, my homework schedule… ect. My Formspring is obviously about me because Formspring is a website about people asking random questions to random people. I sadly get a lot of spam on Formspring so I don’t go on that website as often as all of the others. Facebook is Facebook. If you don’t know what Facebook is, you basically don’t know what Google is. Facebook and Google were actually tied for the 2011 Top Web Browsers. Twitter was actually right behind them in second place. I wouldn’t see why not, it is a very popular website. But anyway, on Twitter I usually just go through the tweets on my dashboard, make tweets, try to get more followers. At the moment I have almost 300 followers. I follow almost 5,000 so I am not surprised I have that many. Now, I am new to Edublogs but I am actually catching on faster than I thought. I already have 3 people from Canada and 3 people from U.S.A visiting my blog. I am satisfied with my blog so far… my widgets are pretty cool and I am looking for more. I am actually definite I have been to more than 50 blogs from Ms.Wyatt’s: Student Challenge outside of Canada. I have visited blogs from U.S.A, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Saudi Arabia and India. So, as you can see I am very good with computers and a great blogger from experience. I am the only one in my whole entire class who has ever ran a blog before. My friends constantly ask me for help and I am very late finishing the challenges because that reason but what am I going to do? Haha.

Image Source: Mr.Pepper

4 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Awesome posting Morgan! I’m glad that you are enjoying blogging. Excellent work at embedding links and picture crediting.
    Instead of giving credit to me for the picture, give credit to the original uploader of the picture (the one I have put a link to).

  2. I think it’s awesome that you enjoy blogging, especially because I love to blog as well! I’ve seen many of your posts here on Edublogs and really enjoy the comfort of reading them! I’d recommend your blog to anyone! That being said, I will now hyperlink your blog to one of my posts! Check it out;

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