My Movie Report: Grease

Trailer is here.

I am doing my report on the movie Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. I chose this movie because it is my favourite movie of all time. It impacted me my thoughts on high school because it basically tells people high school is all about being a rebel and not listening to any rules or anything. It also tells you that teenage pregnancy is what life is about and stuff when you should wait for all that grossness for when you’re older.

This movies targeted audience would probably be 13 or 14 year old and anybody older since it is more of an adult movie from the 90s. Plus, when you are around 13 you are growing more and turning into an adult so you would understand the movie much better than a 10 year old.


Book Report: Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies

Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies
Summary: This is the story of thirteen-year-old Celeste Harris, who used to be perfectly comfortable with her weight. She also used to think nothing would make eighth grade worse than super-popular, super-mean Lively Carson’s persistent insults and attempts to steal her best friend. But along came the chance of being crowned a chubby teen queen, and suddenly it was clear: Things could be much worse. So Celeste crafts a plan—she’ll sacrifice her chocolate cookie obsession, lose weight, and shrink right out of the competition.

Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies is a fictional book written by Erin Dionne. It has 243 pages and 30 chapters. The reason why I chose this book is because I wanted to do a meaningful monologue that I sort of connected with. I am a model like Celeste is debating on being, so in my mind it fairly works. After reading Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies, my general opinion of it was surprising. I was shocked that this book wasn’t more popular or at least made into a movie before. It has the perfect main idea for a movie and I’m sure many girls would go see it.
In Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies, at the beginning of the story, Celeste, Celeste’s mother, her cousin Kirsten and her Aunt Doreen were in a bridal dress shop called “Angelique’s” getting bridesmaid dresses for their cousin Kathleen’s wedding coming up in seven weeks. Throughout the story it is mostly just either Celeste, her friends Sandra and Millie and her rival, Lively Carson at school, or Celeste in her bedroom on the phone with Sandra.
The main characters in Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies are Celeste Harris, Lively Carson, Kirsten, Sandra, Aunt Doreen and Celeste’s mom. There are other characters including her cousin Kathleen who is only in a couple of scenes at around three quarters of the story, her uncle who is also in a few scenes around there and more. Celeste Harris is who the story is based on. She is overweight and most of the time gets bullied for it by her arch enemy, Lively Parson who is either always calling her cow and mooing at her, or trying to steal her best friend Sandra. There is also Robbie Flan who is a popular boy that hangs out with Lively and a boy that Sandra has a crush on.
If it weren’t for Aunt Doreen, Celeste wouldn’t be in the problem of being forced to model for a chunky girl magazine. Aunt Doreen is very noisy most of the time, too. She likes to get into other people’s business. She has a very squeaky and quite annoying voice, she always compliments people and starts conversations nobody really wants to be in. She is basically the typical aunt from every family.
Celeste is the star of the book. She is a tad overweight


December 14th-

I will be having some friends over for a birthday party, of course! Lindsay, Sydney, Lauren, Rachel & Sammi.

I didn’t invite Hannah or Chloep because I cold only have 5 girls at maximum. But, they’re next on my list! Best friends stay best friends! 🙂

We will be playing lots of games! We even have teams; Me, Lauren & Sam- Lindsay, Sydney & Rachel.
We will be sledding down the ditch by my house, painting styrofoam balls for ornaments, sucking candies into a straw and much more!

My party is on the 15th though, because the dance is on my birthday… But hey guys. guess what? THE DANCE IS ON MY BIRTRHDAY! 😉

Challenge Nine: My Made Up Story – The Long Lost Mystery Of Niall Horan

In this vehicle right here, is only the biggest boy band in the world; One Direction- well… 4 of them. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. I know what you’re thinking, where’s Niall? Well, he is at the end of the rainbow, since, he is a leprachaun! As they speed down this dirt path in the middle of nowhere, looking for Niall, they see the rainbow. Right away, they know it’s him at the  end of the rainbow swimming in the pot o’ gold. They find him and celebrate by going to Mcdonalds just like they did after they won they’re Emmy Award.


Miss. Wyatt: Student Challenge

Frankenweenie: My Film Review

I’m doing a film review on the movie, ‘Frankenweenie.’
I saw this movie in theatres and I will now tell you what it’s about;

In the movie, ‘Frankenweenie’, a little boy named Victor Frankenstein only depends on 2 things; His dog, Sparky and science. Now, this boy does go to school, but he doesn’t have any friends. All he has is accquintances- Edgar Gore, ‘Weird Girl’, Elsa van Helsing, Toshiaki and Bob.

When Victor’s father, Edward Frankenstein, said he doesn’t get out enough, Edward puts him on the city’s baseball team. Like any other game, he swings the bat, attempting to hit the baseball. He fails 2/3 times, but like my mom always says, “Third times a charm.”

When he hits the baseball, it’s goes out of the park and onto the middle of the road. Like any other dog, Sparky chases hit. After he gets hit by a car and has a funeral, in class, Victor’s teacher talks about bringing dead things back to life. He brings Sparky back to life and his friends get suspicious. After Edgar blackmails him, wanting to win the science fair, his parents find out.

This story plot goes on. I would rate it a 9 out of 10 and say this movie is for all ages. It is very entertaining for kids to adults. This movie also comes in 3D, which is extra entertaining!

Miss. Wyatt: Student Challenge


I made a prezi based of of the movie ‘Cyberbullying’. Warning: This movie has vulgar language-
My prezi is about the story of Amanda Todd. It includes an inappropriate body part. Please, do not watch if this material is triggering.  Thank you;